How to measure

When measuring, measure the length of your pets collar. These bandanas typically only go across the front of your pets collar, not the whole way around, but can do if necessary.
Our bandanas also have a downward drop. To see where this goes down to on your pet, measure from the top of the neck down the chest using our size guide below to see how far down to go.


Size Guide


XS: 7" neck length, 4" drop.
S: 9" neck length, 6" drop.
M: 12" neck length, 8" drop.
L: 15" neck length, 9" drop.
XL: 18" neck length, 10" drop.


These bows come with a velcro strip of 10cm. This can wrap round your pets collar.
As a standard, these do fit most collars, but if you find it is too long, the velcro can be trimmed down and will not fray or have any affected on the bow tie.

Dog Collars

If you are in between sizes, we recommend that you size up.
XS: 9" neck.
S: 11" neck.
M: 15" neck.
L: 18" neck.

Cat Collars

XXS: 7" neck.
XS: 9" neck.
S: 11" neck.
S+: 13" neck.

Pet Hoodies

XXS: back- 8.5-9.5", chest- 13.5-14.5", neck- 9.5-10.5".
XS: back- 10.5-11.5", chest- 15-16", neck- 10.5-11.5".
S: back- 13.5-14.5", chest- 20-21", neck- 13.5-14.5".
M: back- 16.5-19.5", chest- 22-24.5", neck- 14.5-17.5".XS: 7" neck length, 4" drop.


S: 35/37 chest.
M: 38/40 chest.
L: 41/43 chest.
XL: 44/46 chest.